Studi Kasus Kontrol : Pengaruh Faktor Perilaku Layanan Kesehatan Ibu Hamil terhadap Kematian Ibu di Empat Kabupaten/Kota di Provinsi Sumatera Selatan


International Indicator of healthy mother in a country is maternal mortality rate (MMR). At the 2004 year, MMR South Sumatra Province was 467 each 100.000 life born. That condition is lower than target of Health South Sumatra vision at 2008 and Health Indonesia at 2010 vision, that both MMR target are 175 each 100.000 life born. Based on Blum theory, behavior factor influence the community health status. This research objective is to get information about relationship between behavior factors with maternal mortality. This research use case control design. Location of research are 4 districts in South Sumatra Province, they are Musi Banyu Asin, Muara Enim, Ogan Ilir, and Palembang at 2007.  Respondent of case group were husband of mother was death and respondent of control group were safe mother. Total sample were 78 mothers, from case group were 26 mothers and control group were 52 mothers.  Results of the research were: 1) Odd Ratio (OR) antenatal care (ANC) behavior was 3,5 (OR 95% CI: 1,2 – 10,1), and 2) Odd Ratio (OR) partum provider was 4,5 (OR 95% CI: 1,4 – 14,1). Conclusions of researches were: 1) Frequency ANC influence maternal mortality. Pregnant women were without ANC or with frequency ANC < 4 have odd of maternal mortality 3,5 times than pregnant women with frequency ANC > 4,  and 2) Health behavior to choose kind of partum provider influence maternal mortality. Mother with health behavior to choose non-health provider as partum provider have odd of maternal mortality 4,5 times than mother with health behavior to choose health provider as partum provider.

Untuk informasi lebih lengkap, dapat mengakses link berikut : Studi Kasus Kontrol: Pengaruh Faktor Perilaku Layanan Kesehatan Ibu Hamil Tehadap Kematian Ibu di Empat Kabupaten/kota di Provinsi Sumatera Selatan – Neliti

Key Words: case control, maternal death, ANC, partum provider.


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