Implementation of COVID-19 Preventive Health Protocol in Palembang of South Sumatera Province


In South Sumatera, the increase in COVID-19 occured after three weeks confirmed cases in Indonesia. The community’s knowledge, attitudes, and behavior toward COVID-19 are an integral part of the fight against COVID-19. Community compliance with prevention behavior against COVID-19 can reduce transmission rates. This study aims to describe COVID-19 prevention behavior masks, washing hands, and social distancing in Palembang. Crossectional study methods were conducted on 602 respondents using questionaires collected using google forms. To see an overview of preventive behavior and the factors that affect it, use the chi-square test. Most of the respondents already have good knowledge and attitude about the prevention of COVID-19. Respondents who used masks as much as 95.2%, kept their distance (89.9%) and washed their hands (92.4%). Some variables such as age groups, type of occupation, education level, level of knowledge, and positive attitude of respondents towards COVID-19 are related to the behavior of wearing a mask. Furthermore, the variables related to social distancing behavior are respondents knowledge levels. The older the age, the more obedient the respondents using masks and washing their hands, but not social distancing.

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