Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on cardiovascular disease financing in Indonesia (JKN claims data analysis 2019-2020)

The disease burden related to non-communicable diseases is a major public
health problem in Indonesia. About one-third of all deaths in Indonesia are
caused by cardiovascular disease. This study describes the cost of cardiovascular
disease from claims data for Advanced Referral Health Facilities at BPJS Kesehatan
before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. We analyzed claims data on the
National Health Insurance system managed by BPJS. The data comes from
referral health facilities throughout Indonesia in 2019 and 2020. Cardiovascular
service claims data by sex and age group were analyzed descriptively and with
dierent tests between years. There was a decrease in the number of patients
accessing cardiovascular services at referral health facilities for all genders, age
groups, and types of main diagnoses, by around 27.8%, from 933,017 (2019)
to 673,801 (2020). There was a significant decrease in total claims for all
types of cardiovascular disease during the COVID-19 pandemic compared to
before, especially the reduction in aneurysms and aortic dissection (40.2%) and
hypertensive heart disease (39.6%). The decline also occurred in all sexes and age
groups, with an average percentage decline of 31.2%. Our findings show that the
reduction in the cost of cardiovascular disease claims goes hand in hand with the
decrease in the number of cardiovascular patient visits. To guarantee treatment
for cardiovascular disease patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, BPJS can
maximize the telemedicine services that have been built. The organizer of the
National Health Insurance program in Indonesia has developed a JKN mobile
application that has the potential for telemedicine services guaranteed by JKN.
On the other hand, BPJS needs to limit promotive and preventive budgets related
to CVD so that it does not become a potential catastrophic financing.

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COVID-19, cardiovascular disease, financing, National Health Insurance, Indonesia


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